About Me

Hello all you marvellous mummas, and to all you awesome people checking out this blog.
I am 52 and a Mum to five, including twin girls. I’m also a Grandmum, to a gorgeous little bloke who is coming up to two soon. My husband recently found out he has prostrate cancer in his bones. I decided to give up work for the time being, so I could be there for him, and for our family.

For nearly the last nine years I have been working with people with disabilities; a job that I have found so rewarding (and at times quite challenging!) I have always wanted more time with my family, however didn’t expect it to come about this way!
God works in very mysterious ways indeed; and although this is a very daunting time for all of us, I have truly relished moments lately that are so much more meaningful and joyous (yet simple!)
The rush has become less so…the moments have become more precious…the quietness has become more soothing. The pace of life has slowed; most of the time!! There is more time just to ‘be’.
So although it is a very challenging time, it has also become a time for us to live more simply, one day at a time. And how special it is! Our time just to take life slower.
There’s a saying about the simple things in life being the best. My wish is that all families get to experience more of this. I believe it was meant to be this way…not the way it is now with everyone running chaotically in different directions. We can all choose to make different choices to make life simpler. So…let’s begin!


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lisa says:

    Sohhhhhh true, insighyful lady ! Just a little TIME simply to “be” who God made us to be . . . (CONTENTED SIGH) . and then we start to “see” so many amazing things that were there in front of us, but somehow slipped by unnoticed in our busyness.
    Thanks. 🙂

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