Unique Quilpie!

Quilpie is a lovely town with great facilities.

On the edge of town there is a lovely natural lake – Lake Houdraman. It is privately owned, however you are allowed to camp there as long as you respect the area and keep it clean.

It’s a lovely peaceful area, and full of birdlife -including budgerigars. I’ve also been told that this lake has the most splendid water lillies when they’re out.

In town there is a great tourist information centre which displays some great work by local artists.

However one place that is of special interest to us is the local Catholic Church – St Finbarrs. The opal altar, lectern and baptismal font are beautiful.

We also have a friend whose sister is a nun here. Unfortunately she wasn’t home when we called. However we are very grateful to this wonderful nun, as she has all the Josephite Sisters around Australia praying for Graeme! This must be why he is handling the treatment so well! This order was founded by Mary MacKillop.

We stayed in The Quilpie Heritage Inn-formerly the Quilpie Hotel. What a lovely old building that has been beautifully renovated.

We actually had the whole place to ourselves for the night!

Love Mumma G!


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