Our Outback Adventure – Part 1!

My husband enjoys nothing more than getting out for a drive!

However when I say drive, I don’t just mean going out for a leisurely Sunday drive, although he enjoys that too!

I mean a really long drive that takes you out to the edge of the desert and back!

So this is how our long, but very enjoyable journey, came about last week.

We sort of had planned to maybe travel out West in the school holidays with the family. However, these plans were thwarted when the roads outback were closed due to flooding.

In six days we travelled out to Windorah, and back home again. Veering off track a bit to Eromanga; so that we could take a look at the furtherest town from the sea in Australia!

A friend commented to me before we left that it would be like a second honeymoon. And it was! Because on our honeymoon we spent most of the time driving too!! Around and across Tasmania, usually pulling into a different town on dark.

However don’t get me wrong. We always say we drove and laughed ourselves around Tasmania. We were so anxious to explore this small island, that we never had enough time to properly stop and get a feel for most of the places! We would laugh as we drove through another town hurriedly pointing out features of the town!

But we did enjoy it. And places like Boat Harbour and the tulip filled plateau nearby, we really DID take in!!

But I’m getting off track now! And we did get off track a bit too when we started on the road to Birdsville as well!  And again that’s another story!

Our first stop for the night was Roma. And we do have a soft spot for it because Graeme’s Mum worked here in her first job, in the developing and printing section of a store called Archie Andersons. She lived with relatives while she worked in the lovely old building, now known as “Golders”.

It was The Depression Years, and it was hard to obtain work. So that is how Wyn came to be here.

She often talked about it, and had many fond memories of this time.

Roma is well known for its Bottle trees. Over the years we have planted quite a few of these in our yard, including ones given to us by Graeme’s brother Michael, who has passed away; and his wife Judy. Michael and Judy also picked up these trees in Roma!

So we also have a soft spot for these trees – especially Graeme, as you can see by the picture!!

Next stop – Quilpie!

To be continued…

Love Mumma G!



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