New Spring Growth and Gratitude!

It’s inevitable. Growth and change.

As my Grandson Sammy approaches his second birthday, I marvel at the changes and growth in his young life.

And I love watching him, as he discovers all the new wondrous things around him; which also opens my eyes all over again to the same.

Just like my young niece and nephew whom I saw today. They are blossoming and growing in so many different ways.

Just like these blogs! (Not that I’m comparing children to “blogs!”).

When I first started writing, I just wrote! I really didn’t plan anything out.

I still don’t!

However, now I have found out that you should look at how other bloggers set their work out, and get ideas before you start!

So, I’ve  taken a look, and have seen some really great ones. However for the time being I’ll just “keep winging it!!”

What I have learnt though is to always take your phone charger with you! I wasn’t happy with the quality of the photo’s on my Mt Glorious blog! But that’s okay, it’s all a learning experience!!

Why am I doing this? And what is blogging anyway?

Well, at the moment I find this really good therapy whilst my husband is having chemotherapy. It takes my mind off his disease and opens our eyes to all the beauty and joy around us!

However, on the same note he is doing really well with the treatment. We’ve had our ‘scares’; however at the moment things are going pretty smoothly; and we are so grateful for that. We are also making the most of every day and really loving and living life,- as you can see from my blogs!

And blogging? I think it’s like keeping a journal or a diary. Just that you’re sharing it with others!! And I do enjoy writing, so it works well for me!

Taking photo’s however is a different story. I have never been into taking lots of photo’s; and believe it or not, I’m fairly shy!! So it’s not been easy to approach people and ask if I can photograph something! But so far, so good!!  And I’m growing in that department too!

So enjoy the growth and beauty that these photos focus on in our garden.

And also go out and enjoy your own gardens and outdoors.

You might be surprised at what you find!

Love Mumma G!

“You have to look for the joy. Look for the light of God that is hitting your life, and you will find sparkles you didn’t know were there.”

– Barbara Johnson 1927-2007, American Writer, Speaker. 



2 thoughts on “New Spring Growth and Gratitude!

  1. spudbudette says:

    This is a lovely eye opening post. I found myself smiling at all the eye opening pictures and refocusing words. “Find the joy” is a wonderful phrase. I pray your husband mends well, chemo can be grueling from what I have heard and read. Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

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