“Miles Away” At Eagle Farm Markets!

Don’t you love a good market?

The excitement grows as you get closer. What goodies might you find today? And before anyone else!!

We are very lucky to have great markets in the town next door; however it is good to experience different ones. And especially when you have a lovely niece and her husband who run a terrific stall there!

“The Miles Away Company”, is run by Amy Miles with the very supportive help of her husband Chris. This delightful couple, (who are expecting their first child next January – which also happens to be the same day my daughter is expecting!); actually run three different stalls at three different markets – Eagle Farm, Milton and Rocklea.

Amy sources clothes and accessories in the trendy suburb of Westend in Brisbane; and is able to sell great fashion labels for very reasonable prices. Much less than if you were to buy them yourself! And shortly she will be selling online, which I am for one very excited about!

We really had a great morning exploring, and met some lovely people, including the couple who run The Pumpkin House  stall. This oil contains 50 mg of vitamin E per 100 grams of oil! However you do not use it for frying, but for adding to salads, dips etc! They were great to chat too, and very interesting.  Another lovely couple! (On Facebook too of course!)

And of course Spring was certainly in the air with beautiful blooms for sale at great prices. However the smell of all the different ethnic food stalls around was too tempting; and after finally making up our minds what to have, we settled down to some Hungarian pancakes and some great organic coffee to keep us going!


Love Mumma G!

To check out “The Miles Away Company” Facebook Page click here.



4 thoughts on ““Miles Away” At Eagle Farm Markets!

  1. Ruby Isabella Mills says:

    Thankyou so much for including a photo of my little stall within your blog. I loved reading about your experience, hopefully see you next time at Eagle Farm!
    Ruby, from The Gypsy Bunker x

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