Mt. Glorious Getaway!

There’s something magic about a rainforest.

The smell, the stillness, the sights. It evokes a childlike wonder in so many of us. My husband and kids had surprised me on Mother’s Day with a couple of nights away. Unfortunately we hadn’t been able to go when we had planned, due to very wet weather. However last week we were able to get away, and it was quite glorious!

Mount Glorious in fact!

We had a homely cottage in amongst the rainforest; and shared our surroundings with pademelons, all sorts of birds, heaps of bush turkeys, and even a goanna! It was a little bit drizzly: however this just seemed to add to the beauty of it. Especially with a lovely warm fire to keep us cozy!

Whilst we were there we decided to do a drive through Samford and onto Dayboro. What a delightful town greeted us! They have kept all their old-style buildings, many complete with awnings, and what character and charm they exude!

I could remember when I was a girl, my hometown that I grew up in had all these too. And I remember my Mother saying how we should be keeping them instead of pulling them all down.

She even protested at the time. I think you were right Mum!

Oh well! Dayboro is called “The town of Yesteryear”, and it does feel a bit like you have stepped back in time! A highlight was seeing the original butter factory housing the most interesting nursery and gift shop. Especially, as I do spend quite a bit of time at our local butter factory with a well-known local mouth artist! I know she would absolutely love it.

And something else I know she would love – a purple coffee shop!

It also housed a few other shops. Including a lolly shop with a Willy Wonka Chair to sit in! However I couldn’t quite get the gist of why it wasn’t a hit with the local kids, especially when the school bus pulls up right outside the door of an afternoon. The lady in the shop said the local kids were very well-behaved in that department!

Anyway I knew a couple teenage girls who would appreciate Mum giving them a treat; every now and then surely doesn’t hurt?!

Even for us bigger kids!!

So with my treats for the family and myself, we headed back up the mountain for another cosy night with the fire, a nice red and the rain pitter-pattering on the rooftop.

A glorious and delightful day indeed!

Love Mumma G!


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