The eldest of 9 – Part 2!

A few months after my little sister died, we welcomed another baby boy into the family.

I was very proud to be his Godmother and can still feel that pride I felt on that special day. Standing  there I must have been the happiest young person around!

However there were still many memories of my sister around, and no-one really gets over a loss such as this, as anyone who has lost a loved one knows. I believe when it happens to one so young, it is even harder to comprehend.

And hard also for the youngest ones in the family. My younger sister had lost a dear playmate to play “dollies” with; and my youngest brother, (who is no longer with us either), had lost his “faffy”. His special name for her!

However life does go on, especially in a family as busy and big as ours!

Dad and Mum had a large family to support. Dad continued his work, and Mum was doing office work at home also to provide some more income.I often remember seeing her, rocking the bouncer with her foot, as she tried to “balance the books!”

Family holidays were enjoyed every year. Usually at Tugun, on the Gold Coast; however a few times we tried different places. These beachside holidays were the best.

I just loved the beach. Still do.

However it must have been a marathon effort to get us all there! With all those ports and kids, I’m not sure how our parents stayed sane!!

Poor Dad. I remember once going over Mt Tambourine, and another brother, ( the middle one in the family), was in fits of laughter as he was lying in the back of the station wagon, watching ports go flying off the roof rack!

I’m laughing now just thinking of it!

Dad had said that we should be quiet as he was concentrating on driving. So, not one kid mentioned that our luggage was no longer with us. Just quiet giggles coming from the back of the car!!

It wasn’t so funny when we had to go back to pick everything up, and tell Dad that we had seen all of this unfolding!!

Oh well, it ended up being another great holiday!

To be continued…

Love Mumma G!


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