The Eldest of 9!

Okay. More about me, or more to the point my family! That is, my wonderful big family in which I grew up!

I am the eldest of nine! I spent my first nine years in Brisbane, until Mum and Dad decided to move us to the country where Dad found employment working for a local Solicitor.

My Mum had grown up on a dairy farm in the area, so we did have some relatives around.

At this time my youngest sister was sick with leukaemia, (there was six children at this stage), and my parents wanted us to have a better quality of life in rural surroundings.

In those days there was only one house for sale in the town, opposite the local sawmill, which was a novelty for these city kids; when the decision was made to move. So my parents settled us comfortably into a small house with two bedrooms, a sleep-out, and only a wood stove for Mum to cook meals for her large family. And cook she did! She prepared delicious meals, cakes and biscuits all on that wood stove; and also at times kept baby lambs warm there, as well as herself ,when she fed them during the night!

We had (at different times), dogs, geese, lambs,meat chickens, cats (usually strays), and more!

Even though my parents were caring for a sick child with weekly appointments in Brisbane; we still enjoyed a happy childhood in the country. My much loved Grandmother, (Mum’s mother), whom we lovingly referred to as “Old Mum”, helped out when needed.

After a couple of years, when a larger house became available, we moved “up the hill!” We still kept a menagerie of animals, even a piglet at one stage, but that’s another story!

When Mum and Dad bought the allotment at the back as well, it enabled us more area for learning to ride bikes, play cricket, and all sorts of things that only adventurous children can dream up!

Sadly the time came for my little sister to move onto her heavenly home. Sad for us, however a release from pain for her. She passed away a few days before her fifth birthday. I was eleven.

Of course there was much more happening in this lively household that I could fill blog after blog with.

And maybe one day I will.

But for now, I just want to tell you that my wonderful parents, and each of my five brothers and three sisters, have a special place in my heart.

To be continued…

Love Mumma G!


5 thoughts on “The Eldest of 9!

  1. Mum says:

    Jane, that small house only had two bedrooms, It was a happy time just a bit squishy. It was winter time when we arrived there and we weren’t used to seeing frost in Camp Hill. Happy, sunny days I remember there.

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