Spring has Sprung!

Well, Spring has sprung!  And hopefully there’s a new spring in your step as well!

Spring is all about new beginnings, new dreams and plans, new hope  – new life.

We have a new life forming in our family. My eldest daughter is expecting her second child in January!

And my eldest son is beginning a new adventure in his life! He moves to the island of Jeju off the Korean peninsular with his South Korean wife this Thursday.

Spring is a time to let go; of disappointments, of hurt, of grievances- of all that does not bring joy to one’s soul.

It does not matter what has gone before; it’s a time for looking forward – not back.

Spring is a time for renewal.

Where better to find all that is Spring, than in your garden.

Our garden is always a hive of activity; and even more so at the moment.

When a telemarketer rang yesterday, she asked if the birds in the background were on the tv, or in the garden!

Well yes of course they were in our garden.

We feed lorikeets; have magpies, honey suckers, pee wees, jenny wrens, swallows and so many more.

It does get pretty noisy and sounds a bit like a bird sanctuary at times, but we love it.

The bees are busier than ever, the buds are blooming, and the scents are sensational.

The lemon and orange blossom scents are heaven sent for sure!

As the British Poet; Elizabeth Barrett Browning said “Earth is crammed with heaven.”

So let’s enjoy this special time of year.

Let’s take the time to breathe it in…

And don’t forget to smell the roses!

Love Mumma G!




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